“Our “Sensory Labels” are commissioned to and created by individuals with IDD (Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities).”

Every coffee “Sensory Label” has a bio on the back, highlighting the artist chosen to artistically create a masterpiece for each particular coffee offering.

HÆRFEST COFFEE “Sensory Labels” are commissioned from and created by individuals with IDD (Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities). Each label is created to artistically express and define the taste profile of the coffee found inside each bag.

Toby Foreman with UMAR Artist Ken Charles on National Coffee Day 2018

Beth Kennedy


Beth’s interest in art and style began as a child. Her canvas is the same one she started with so many years ago – a Magna Doodle, her medium of choice. Her favorite activity is painting silk scarves. “If I could be famous for anything, I would be a famous jewelry or scarf designer – or maybe a stylist in a boutique.” When asked what her dream project would be, she replied, “I would design a necklace like the one Kate Winslett wore in Titanic. It’s a blue heart diamond necklace.”

Nick Rivera

French Roast

Nicholas’ paintings are characterized by texture and broad, expansive strokes of complimentary colors. Ranging in size from small canvases to larger paintings on reclaimed wood, Nick’s paintings occasionally incorporate found objects like feathers or pieces of cord. The smell and feel of crayons invoke a sense of calm in Nick; so, he will often begin a work of art with them to share his sense of peace.

Russell Dabak


While an artist with UMAR Russell created this piece selected for our Kenya coffee. It was the first we fell in love with and inspired our partnership with UMAR. In addition to creating “one of a kinds”, he is a music lover, dancer and has an affinity for flowers which has become his trademark with his signature. Russell’s warm hugs and gregarious hello always add color to the day, and he ALWAYS remembers your name, so if you see him out locally say hi! Russell’s uncanny ability to add cheer to everyone’s day is well known around town.

Kristen Lahti

Breakfast Blend

Kristen describes herself as a “good artist” who loves the color pink and making art about animals. Her favorite projects at the UMAR Arts Center include creating a plaster bird sculpture and making ribbon dreamcatchers. Kristen loves selling her artwork – if she could have any job in the world, it would be an artist!

Reid Foreman


Reid daily perfects his favorite craft; beatboxing! He is also known to hit bombs out on the baseball field, tell the best knock knock jokes, and love his family with every ounce he has. His zest for life has shown those around him that he indeed is more alike than different. His extra 21st chromosome in essence really only means extra cute, extra fun, and extra extraordinary.

Devin Spears


Devin has a gentle and exuberant soul. She loves   flowers, bees, and spending time with animals –          especially horses. She creates abstract paintings and ink prints with dot markers. She loves punching shapes out of paper and stamping; the sound amuses her. For fun, she likes to read books and watch Angry Birds.

Ken Charles


Ken Charles is a happy young man who loves life. Ask him his occupation and he will say… “I am a UMAR artist and volunteer.” Ken loves to be around others and to be included. He gives back to the community by volunteering at the library, his church, the local “Y”, and hospice. His quiet nature and his expression of art go hand in hand. Ken’s simple mixture of shapes, colors, and lines make his pictures intriguing and unique.

Ethan Foreman

The Bo'z

A loving and caring Son and Brother. I was silly and funny, I enjoyed John Wayne movies, and a was a Charger fan. I loved my nephews Luke and Reid and took great joy in watching them play baseball.  I lived my life to show that anything is possible, treat everyone with kindness and inclusion. Disabilities don’t limit a valuable and fulfilled life.



We have partnered with UMAR (United Methodist Association of the Remarkable) and their Arts Program.

UMAR has promoted community inclusion, independence, and growth for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities through residential, employment, and cultural enrichment opportunities. At UMAR, artists express themselves through the universal language of art while developing emotional, behavioral, and communication skills. A percentage from each coffee purchase is returned to UMAR to empower participants to live, work, and thrive. UMARinfo.com

Want to Design a Label?

If you would like to participate in the process of creating a HÆRFEST COFFEE “Sensory Label” email us! When we select one of our next Reserve Coffee offerings we will send out samples to a select few HÆRFEST customers to get their thoughts on the coffee flavors… these will then be shared with the artist to create the new label.